Labradoodles in Manistee, Michigan Welcome to Kat n Buster's Labradoodle puppies

Kat at 4 months

Welcome to the home of our Dam, Lab Kit Kat and Sire Standard Poodle, Buster
and their stunning litter of shiny Chocolate Labradoodle puppies

Kat n Buster
We Love Our Dogs in Manistee, Michigan
CKC Registered, DNA Tested & Pedigreed 1st Generation Labradoodles

Buster with a Lab puppy

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Litter Diary

1. 10 Pups Born 9/9/18
2. Dew Claws 9/12/18
3. Baby Monitor 9/13/18
4. Eyes opening on 9/22/18
5. Walking 9/24/18
6. Soft solid food 9/28/18
7. 1st set of shots
8. Puppies remaining 9
(1 is for my wife's sister)

Contact Info:
John King
P.O. Box 101
Manistee, MI 49660

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Price: 1000
Deposit: 500
Buster @ Stud 1000

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Puppy Videos

3 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old

Decision to Breed Kat and Buster

My wife's sister just lost her 12 year old Australian Sheppard mix and knew our dogs very well.  She was in need of a new best friend.  So, the decision was made.  Enough though, I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea.  Breeding and raising puppies is a very time consuming job.  The female needs 3-4 times the care for potty breaks and additional meals.  While she handles the pups you have to make sure she don't accidently lay on them.  We made a custom whelping pen with a guard rail to keep this from happening.

Our criteria for breeding is based on temperament, ease of training, no bad inherited behaviors.  Such as being hyper, rolling in deer dung, or chewing on furniture.  
This is only our third litter going back to 1983.  We've never considered breeding any of our dogs that were hard to train, had shedding problems, or weird personality quirks/disorders.  Breeding for conformation only is for those going to the Westminster Dog Show.  Not for the average pet owner.  Unless, you're trying to carve out a living breeding dogs.

Embark DNA tested.  Both dogs had a clean bill of health with 200,000 genetic markers.   Kat is .9% wolf, considered medium by Embark.  Buster is 1.5% wolf and that's considered high.  Kat's ancestry dates back 16,000 years ago to central Asia.  Buster's recent ancestry goes back that far too.  Along with his bloodline being developed in the 1600s in Europe from a famous guard dog that sired lineage that goes back to Great Danes and Doberman Pinchers.

Kat is a AKC-CKC dual registered Chocolate Lab that normally weighs around 70 pounds (prior to pregnancy) and stands at 22" her shoulders.  In doggy years, she was 32 years old when she was bred.  She was born in the summer of 2015   Kat has bonded to me and a joy to have as a best buddy!

Buster is a CKC registered Standard Poodle the stands 26" tall at his shoulders.  We own both dogs.  These dogs were proven purebreds by Embark.  If you're leery like I am about what constitutes a purebred dog?  Let's face it, dog registering clubs rely on breeders/owners being truthful.  Some are not.

Buster weighs 62 pounds.  That's considered on the larger side for a Standard Poodle.  He has a curly coat and very easy to groom, or clip.  Buster eagerly hops up on the grooming table, looking forward to the one on one time. We keep him trimmed in what we call: modified puppy clip.  You do not have to be a pro to do this type of clip.  All be it may, wife Merlene went to grooming school, because she loves dogs.

Combining Labs and Poodles is a match made in heaven.  You get the agility & non-shed quality of Poodle's tight non-shedding coat and the stamina of USA's most popular breed for more then 30 years, Labrador Retrievers.  Labradors rank 7th according TV's Dog Whisper, Cesar Millan's top 10 list of the smartest dogs.  Poodles are a strong 2nd.  Labradoodles are very popular and will be recognized one day by the AKC.  America's 2nd most popular kennel club, the CKC already does.

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